The primary school for everyone between 6-16 years old

Our fundamental idea is that language and communication as well as laboratory and creative learning methods should be a common thread through both preschool and primary school.

The language preschool for children between 1-5 years old

We want to give all children a good foundation for future learning and therefore invest in early language learning, which gives cognitive benefits and strengthens the self-confidence.

Språkskolan in Umeå

Språkskolan started with a preschool in 1995 under the name Umeå nya förskola. In 2002 we started our primary school at Olofsdal and changed the name to Språkskolan. After having outgrown our old premises we moved in 2014 to brand new premises at Marielund/Olofsdal and since 2016 our preschool with 6 departments is also located here.

Robot programming

Siv Stenlund in front of the Fanuc robot.

Siv Stenlund in front of the Fanuc robot.

Språkskolan in Umeå, as the first primary school in Sweden, has its own industrial robot to offer its pupils programming education in accordance with the government’s new requirements.

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Lunch menu

Lunch Menu 1v

Måndag 21 / 10
Ost- & kalkonsås/vegsås med pasta
Tisdag 22 / 10
Kebabgryta/veggryta med ris
Onsdag 23 / 10
Fiskpanetter, potatis och en kall sås
Torsdag 24 / 10
Makaroner och korv/sojakorv
Fredag 25 / 10

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