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Språkskolan was founded in 1995 and is run as an economic association. We are a politically and religiously independent pre- and primary school, approved by the national school agency and follow the national curriculum. Swedish is the spoken language and the foundation of our teaching, but we also work with English, German, French and Spanish. The languages are alternated periodically in our preschool and yearly in our primary school. The study period varies depending on the grade.

We believe that language skills provide an important foundation for our students regarding communication with our fellow human beings, and act as a good foundation for both continuing studies at high school and at university.

Our vision at Språkskolan is to give more time to language, mathematics and science. We also value creative subjects such as art, music and movement, and we weave these in as natural elements in all our subjects.

Are you interested in working with us? In that case, contact one of our principals. Available positions are shown in the box to the right.

Available positions

All available positions are published on Arbetsförmedlingens platsbank.