Application for Språkförskolan children ages 1-5

Språkförskolan’s queue system

Språkförskolan has its own waiting line, where you can register your child at any age after it has been nationally registered and has a social security number. The application is made through the preschool’s website and the caretaker always gets a verification email when the application has been received (check spam mail in case you do not get an email). It’s the applicant’s responsibility to keep the application up to date with the proper contact information, by using the login details that can be found in the verification email.

No fees for the queue.
Children in the queue are offered a place in order of application date. The child stays in the waiting line until it is offered a place or the caretakers themselves reject their place in the queue. If you decline a place at Språkförskolan you can apply again, but will then be placed last in line.

The child must live in Umeå municipality in order to register with us.


Priority policy

Siblings to children who are already placed in Språkförskolan are given priority. However, this priority does not guarantee that siblings are placed in the same unit or at preferred date.
Priority is given under the condition that there is an open spot in the same unit at given date. Siblings meaning full siblings, half-siblings and also children living in the same household.

Priority to preschool class?

A certain degree of priority is given to the children in Språkförskolan that apply for Språkskolans preschool class (for the ages of 6 years old).
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