The food at Språkskolan

We believe that nutritious and tasty food gives healthier and happier students who have the energy to spend a whole day in school.

Kitchen and school restaurant

In our kitchen, more than 400 servings of food are prepared daily for Språkskolan’s 10 grades and 6 preschool departments, and the benefits of our own cooking kitchen are many.

We have among other things

  • Greater opportunity for origin control.
  • A prioritization for organic ingredients.
  • Reduced time keeping food warm because the food is ready just before serving.
  • Adaptation of the menu based on what the students enjoy.
  • Less waste.
  • Less semi-finished products

Café Cupcake

Språkskolan’s own café, Café Cupcake, is in the common room on the second floor. We serve sandwiches, juice, fruit and homemade cakes.

Maria S. Kock

Maria S.
Head chef

Julias S. Kock

Julias S.

Jenny V. Köksbiträde

Jenny V.

Ida L. Café Cupcake

Ida L.
Café Cupcake
Café Cupcake

Elin H-B. Café Cupcake

Elin H-B.
Café Cupcake
Café Cupcake

Lunch menu

Lunch Menu 2v

Måndag 16 / 5
Pannkaka med sylt
Tisdag 17 / 5
Grillkorv med potatismos
Onsdag 18 / 5
Tomatsoppa med bröd och pålägg
Torsdag 19 / 5
Potatisbullar med lingonsylt
Fredag 20 / 5
Persisk linsgryta med bulgur
Måndag 23 / 5
Chicken nuggets med ris och sweetchilisås
Tisdag 24 / 5
Röd linsgryta med bulgur
Onsdag 25 / 5
Falafel med ris och sås
Torsdag 26 / 5
Fredag 27 / 5
Köket väljer