Middle school, grade 4-6

Fundamental values

The foundation of a safe and tolerant atmosphere is structure. That is why we place great emphasis on creating routines for a safe school environment. We work with our fundamental values every week together with our pupils. The work is adapted to the needs of the class. The Security Team (Trygghetsteamet) works actively according to our Security Plan (Trygghetsplan). We are a smaller and familiar school, which we believe contributes to a more safe and secure environment.


We work a lot with English, and from grade 4 the pupils will choose another language to study from the ones they have tried during primary school; French, Spanish or German. We attach great importance to communication, both verbally, in writing and digitally.

Communication and working digitally

In middle school, we continue to build on the pupil’s knowledge from primary school. We want them to develop their ability to communicate in different ways and therefore we vary the teaching as much as possible. The pupils practice oral presentations of different kinds in different contexts. With increasing age, computers are more involved in the teaching and the pupils get to practice mathematics, writing texts and programming.

Jessica K.
Klasslärare år 4
Teacher grade 4

Annica R. Lärare år 5

Annica R.
Klasslärare år 5
Teacher grade 5

Nina K. Klasslärare år 5

Nina K.
Klasslärare år 6
Teacher grade 6