Safety team (Trygghetsteamet)

ALL students should be able to feel safe in school and if problems arise, the students should know that there are adults to turn to. Språkskolan’s safety team, “Trygghetsteamet”, aims to prevent, detect and stop any abusive treatment, harassment and bullying.


We in the Trygghetsteamet have professional secrecy and confidentiality, but sometimes we may need to discuss the matter with the student/students’ mentor.


Trygghetsteamet’s staff

Ulrica B. Klasslärare år 3

Ulrica B.
Primary school

Nina K. Klasslärare år 5

Nina K.
Middle school

Daniel H. Mentor år 7, SV, BL & Media

Daniel H.
Secondary school

Sofi B. Skolsköterska

Sofi B.
School nurse

Lisa Å. Kurator

Lisa Å.

Help a friend or yourself!

Do you feel insecure or mistreated by someone or know of a friend who is not feeling well? Click here to send an e-mail to the safety team. You can choose to be anonymous.


With our form you can submit a violation report to the safety team. The report is then dealt with and followed up according to the school’s equal treatment plan. The form is completely anonymous if you do not fill in the name and e-mail address.

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