The languages ​​at Språkskolan


The children start with English from preschool class. They have two playful lessons a week. This means that the children are singing in English, listening to music, making movements, creating pictures, learning rhymes and they get a feel for the English language.

In grade 1-3 the students have English lessons two hours a week. They listen to stories, sing songs, watch movies, learn to read and understand everyday phrases and rhymes, practice expressing and asking questions in English, expand their English vocabulary and learn to write simple words and phrases.

In grade 4-6 the students have English lessons three hours a week where they work with newspaper articles, factual texts, movies and books, they write their own texts, practice discussing in English, work with themes and grammar as well as making oral presentations and plays in English.

In grade 7-9 the conversational English is deepened by, for example, presentations and debates to strengthen the language and make it more vivid.

Spanish, French and German

In grade 1-3 the students will try and learn the basics of Spanish, French and German in a playful and creative learning environment. They have the language lessons for one hour a week and they study each language during two semesters.

In grade 4 the students will choose one of these languages to deepen their knowledge in, like they do with English. In grade 4-5 they have the language lessons one hour each week and in grade 6-9 they have them three hours a week.