Språkskolan has a unique profile. In addition to Swedish as the language of instruction, we give the students very good knowledge of English. They also read German, French or Spanish at the beginner or continuation level.


To practice communication and raise your self-confidence is important. Therefore, the students practice expressing themselves in different ways. Everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves and to encourage each other to dare to do the same, in a safe and permissive environment.

Various ways of learning

Both brain halves should be stimulated and lead to a more fun and effective way of learning. Therefore, we work both practically and theoretically by experimenting and analyzing. We make study visits in the community, have guest lecturers and collaborate with the university.

Science studies

In addition to language, media and communication, we also focus on science studies, where we have a laboratory approach to stimulate the student’s interest!


At Språkskolan we want to help the students develop into independent people with a good self-image and who can and dare to communicate with their fellow humans in a meaningful way. We want to serve as a springboard for our students so that they can take advantage of all future possibilities.

Our own kitchen

We believe that nutritious and tasty food gives healthier and happier students who have the energy to spend a whole day in school. With our own cooking kitchen, we are given the opportunity to control the origin and we choose to prioritize local and organic food.

Good facilities

Språkskolan has moved in to fantastic, newly built premises in the new area Marielund. We also have a brand-new schoolyard that invites you to movement and being outdoors.

We have small classes, homework studies, your own student computer with Office 365 and the communication tool SchoolSoft.

The future

The language and media knowledge that the students receive from us provides an important basis for further studies at high school and university.

The teachers at secondary school

Daniel H. Mentor år 7

Daniel H.
Mentor år 7
Mentor grade 7

Stefan L. Mentor år 7

Stefan L.
Mentor år 7
Mentor grade 7

Jonas F. Mentor år 8

Jonas F.
Mentor år 8
Mentor grade 8

Anna L. Mentor år 8

Anna L.
Mentor år 8
Mentor grade 8

Sandra J. Mentor år 9

Sandra J.
Mentor år 9
Mentor grade 9

Marie L. Mentor år 9

Marie L.
Mentor år 9
Mentor grade 9

Mery O-G. Spanska

Mery O-G.

Katrin D. Tyska

Katrin D.

Christian C. V.

Kerstin S. Textilslöjd

Kerstin S.
Textile crafts

Stefan L. Trä- & metalslöjd

Stefan L.
Trä- & metalslöjd
Wooden and metal crafts

Marie L. SV & SO

Marie L.
 Swedish & Social study subjects

Linnéa W. NO & HKK

Linnéa W.
Science studies & Home and consumer studies

Daniel H. SV & BL

Daniel H.
Swedish, Art & PE and health

Anna L. EN & IDH

Anna L.
English & PE and health

Sandra J. FR & EN

Sandra J.
French & English

Jonas F. MA & NO

Jonas F.
Mathematics & Science studies