Apply to preschool class (förskoleklass) and primary school, grade 1-9

Språkskolan’s queue system

Språkskolan has its own queue system, it is the same for preschool class (förskoleklass) and for primary school grade 1-9, where you can register your child at any age after it has been nationally registered and has a social security number. The application is made through the school’s website and the caregiver always gets a verification email when the application has been received (check spam mail in case you do not get an email). It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep the application up to date with the proper contact information, by using the login details that can be found in the verification email.

There are no application fees.

Children in the queue are offered a place in order of application date. The child stays in the queue until it is offered a place, the caregivers themselves reject their place in the queue or until the child graduates from grade 9. If you decline a place at Språkskolan you can apply again but you will then be placed last in line.
When a child has been offered, and accepted, a place in the preschool class (förskoleklass) you will be invited to a visitor’s day and a parent-teacher meeting during the spring semester before school starts.

When offered a place in grade 1-9, contact with the class teacher/mentor is communicated for the possibility to visit the class before making the decision to accept the place in the class or not.

If your child is not offered a place within the school year, they will be automatically moved up one grade in the queue.

The child must live in Umeå municipality in order to register with us, but exceptions may occur in certain circumstances.

We only offer a place in the preschool class the year the child turns 6, regardless of what time of year they were born.


Priority policy

Priority is given first to children who are enrolled at Språkförskolan (our preschool) one term before the start of the school year. After this, we prioritise children of siblings who attend Språkskolan. The closing date for priotiry applications is September 30th of the year before your child is due to start attending. After this, admissions are handled in the order they are submitted.

Queue log in

If you need to make changes or want to end your application to Språkskolan, you can log in with the information you received when the application was made.