Grade 1-3

English, Spanish, French and German throughout the grades

In grade 1-3, we continue to learn English, which began in the preschool class. We work with an exciting material, but we also attach great importance to communication and presentation and let the students be responsible when we, for example, have morning assembly in English.

They will also learn some basics from our profile languages, which are French, Spanish and German. They study one of these languages per school year and are therefore well prepared for their language selection in grade 4.

In these lower grades we have cross-classroom collaborations in many subjects so that the students feel secure with each other, but also so that the older students can teach those who are younger.

We work a lot with values and to strengthen the student groups, but also because all students should feel safe as individuals. We vary our approach both practically and theoretically through, for example, outdoor mathematics, tablets, laboratory materials, games, discussions and group work.
We work from the Swedish Ministry of Education’s new directive with programming and technology once a week.

All students should feel safe and secure towards each other and therefore we practice a lot to dare standing in front of the class and school. We therefore have a Christmas show, among other things, every year where the students practice performing singing, dancing, theater, etc., in front of an audience.

Staff in the preschool class and grade 1-3

Terese R. Lärare förskoleklass

Terese R.
Lärare förskoleklass
Teacher preschool class

Elisabeth L. Lärare förskoleklass

Elisabeth L.
Lärare förskoleklass
Teacher preschool class

Ullis B. Klasslärare år 1

Ullis B.
Klasslärare år 1
Teacher grade 1

Linda S. Klasslärare år 2

Linda S.
Klasslärare år 2
Teacher grade 2

Camilla B.
Klasslärare år 3
Teacher grade 3