Summer Preschool

Språkförskolan is closed during summer vacations w.27-30. If there is a need for child care during this period, Språkförskolan has the possibility to buy this service from Umeå municipality. The placement will be made in an assigned municipal preschool in Umeå. To be granted summer preschool the caretaker(s) need to provide a work schedule for these weeks with a certificate from the employer.
The main principle is that the child stays home if the caretaker(s) is home, which means that the caretaker(s) need to provide a work schedule as well as certificate to be granted a placement in summer preschool.

The last day to apply for summer preschool is May 3d and the application is submitted to the preschool director. The application is made through a form that can be downloaded under Filer & Länkar > Blanketter in Schoolsoft.