Språkskolan’s after-school care

We have two departments in our after-school care at Språkskolan. Fritidskammaren, where the students in preschool class and grade 1 are, and Fritidsklubben, where the students in grade 2-6 are.
Fritidskammarens department serves as the opening and closing department. This means that all students attending after-school care will be at Fritidskammaren before the school start (7:00-school start). After school the students go to the respective department. At 16:30 Fritidsklubben’s students go to Fritidskammaren, where they are until we close for the day.

Our opening hours are between 7:00 and 17:30. If you, as parents, have other needs due to your working hours you can apply for extended times between 6:30 and 18:30 through a special form.
During the summer we are closed for 4 weeks. During this period, we cooperate with the municipal’s summer open after-school care facilities. If you, as a parent, have other needs in addition to our regular opening hours, please contact our principal AnnBritt.

Application and Termination

To apply for an after-school activity spot, the student must be enrolled in preschool class or grades 1-6 at Språkskolan. Application and termination are done through Umeå municipality’s form for after-school placement.

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After-school care in the summer


Staff at Fritidskammaren

Kristoffer P. Fritidskammaren

Kristoffer P.

Maria L. Resurs

Maria L.

Jenny N.

Jenny N.

Elisabeth L. Lärare förskoleklass

Elisabeth L.


Staff at Fritidsklubben

Margareta J.

Alfred G.

Fredrik H.