Språkskolan – The primary school for everyone between 6-16 years old with focus on language and communication

For everyone

Språkskolan is open to everyone. It is politically and religiously independent, free of charge, approved by the National Agency for Education and follows the national curriculum.

Language profile

Swedish is the foundation of the teaching, to acquire the Swedish language is of the highest priority. Regarding teaching in foreign languages, the emphasis is in English where we have lessons several times a week from the age of 6. We also have a language lesson each week with German, French or Spanish, where the languages are interwoven annually in grade 1-3. In grade 4 the pupils choose one of the languages to focus on.

Our vision

Language is important! In addition to Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish are offered as special lessons. More time for mathematics and science. Experimenting is important. Art, music and movement are natural elements of all subjects to give the children different possibilities for expression in their communication with others.


Teaching is adapted as far as possible after each pupil, their knowledge, background and needs. We create an individual development plan in consultation with parents and the pupil. The plan is reviewed and revised every semester.

Social practice

At Språkskolan we place great importance on the fact that all students should feel comfortable and have a place in the group. If conflicts arise, we make sure to sort them out so that everyone sees their role in what has happened. At Språkskolan we also have mentoring to strengthen the experience of the schoolyard as a safe place for everyone.

Our organization and management

Our school’s mandator is Språkskolan i Umeå ek. för. The school and preschool are run without any interest of profit. Any surplus is returned directly to the school.

The leadership is distributed among the school’s principal, who is the educational leader, and the schools CEO, who is responsible for the administrative leadership. They both are responsible to develop the organization, that the goals are reached and that the resources are used in an efficient manner.

The principal manages the school’s organization and is responsible for achieving the national goals and our school plan’s intentions.

In the school board there are staff from both the preschool and the primary school represented.

Lunch menu