Språkskolan’s preschool class – one of a kind!

We take advantage of the 6-year-old’s desire and curiosity to learn. Therefore, the days in the preschool class accommodate many opportunities to learn and develop the language as well as play and other social training.


We work with reading and writing preparation material, letter practice and language games according to the Bornholm model. We practice language sounds and language building (rhymes, sentences, words, syllables and sounds).

A lot of English in a playful way

Our goal is for the children to discover a new language and to think that it is fun to learn and be able to express themselves in a new way. We sing, play, practice words, rhymes and do crafts.


We lay the foundation for mathematical understanding and learn the basic mathematical concepts. We practice communication, reflection and speech recognition.

Sports with play and movement

Indoor sports in the form of games and ball games where we train motor skills but also to listen and be able to adapt to the rules of the game. Outdoor sports when we e.g. try skiing, skating and “brännboll”.

Example of the schedule for the preschool class.

Values and social practice

Every week we have games and exercises to strengthen the group and give the children tools to relate to each other in a good way.


We look at the calendar, play games and go through today’s schedule.


We learn about nature and animals, our body and our local environment.


Staff in the preschool class and grade 1-3

Terese R. Lärare förskoleklass

Terese R.
Lärare förskoleklass
Teacher preschool class

Elisabeth L. Lärare förskoleklass

Elisabeth L.
Lärare förskoleklass
Teacher preschool class

Camilla B.

Camilla B.
Klasslärare år 1
Teacher grade 1

Ullis B.

Ullis B.
Klasslärare år 2
Teacher grade 2

Linda S.

Linda S.
Klasslärare år 3
Teacher grade 3